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Description of the role

Working within the philosophy of TAMIR, the Program Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that staff support participants to achieve their personal goals, maintain their best possible health and well-being, and develop skills and a sense of self worth through an
individualized support plan created to meet participants’ unique interests and needs.

Under the general supervision of the Director of Support Services this position is responsible for carrying out Board policy and is accountable for the day to day residential/respite
operations of their designated program, in a manner consistent with Tamir’s vision, mission and values and following the principles of the Quality Enhancement (QE) initiative.


1. Participant Support and Advocacy.

1.1 Develops a respectful, positive and consistent relationship with residents
1.2 Learns the personal history, strengths and needs of the residents, to assist staff with planning as required
1.3 Promotes and maintain the mental and physical health and well being of residents
1.4 Accompanies residents to medical and other appointments and act as advocate as required
1.5 Approves and/or monitors the dispensation of medications, PRN’s and other treatments, as required
1.6 Ensures a safe and healthy home environment
1.7 Ensures the completion of the development, implementation and evaluation of resident programming, goals, individual support plans and Personal Outcome Plans
1.8 Identifies and advocates for change in supports which may impede the realization of resident goals
1.9 Ensures direct service staff provide individuals with opportunities to develop decision making skills, exercise choices, and assume reasonable risks
1.10 Monitors, evaluates, and elicits input from individuals and their advocates surrounding the progress and satisfaction with supports and individual plans
1.11 Maintains communication with family, friends, external program staff, and others of importance to the participants, and act as an advocate for Tamir

1.12 Ensures Tamir residents/participants have opportunities to maintain and develop their religious and cultural involvement according to their needs and wishes
1.13 Serves as a resource to staff in the interpretation and use of resident personal goals/outcome measures
1.14 Provides leadership and support in developing organizational processes to achieve personal goals/outcomes for each individual
1.15 Informs the Lead Residential Supervisor of any risks to participants health, safety and/or well being, as well as any barriers or lack of progress in outcomes for individuals for discussion
1.16 Ensures staff are appropriately and efficiently managing participant finances

2. Human Resources

2.1 Recruits, orients, supervises, trains, evaluates, and manages the performance of Tamir staff in accordance with personnel policy and procedure
2.2 Organizes, and conducts orientation, training and evaluation of volunteers
2.3 Represents staff team on issues of concern via communication with management

3. Administration and Finance

3.1 Ensures implementation and enforcement of Tamir policies and procedures, as well as Ministry of Community and Social Services operational guidelines and relevant legislation
3.2 Ensures their Residential programs comply with Tamir Judaic policy and procedures through observance of Shabbat, Kashrut and all other aspects of Jewish life
3.3 Operates under the guidelines of Tamir Health and Safety policies and procedures and follows safe practices
3.4 Conducts monthly health and safety inspections of their assigned program sites, in conjunction with the program H&S representative
3.5 Leads investigations regarding employee injuries and near misses and reports findings to the appropriate senior management staff
3.6 Responds to all Damage/Loss/Hazard reports received regarding their assigned programs and follows established processes to ensure issues are addressed
3.7 Completes Minor Capital requests and Expense requests in a timely and thorough manner to ensure program sites are maintained to an acceptable standard
3.8 Maintains complete information for each resident and respects confidentiality
3.9 Ensures that appropriate documentation of the household is maintained, according to established Tamir policies and procedures
3.10 Manages Program funds and ensures expenditures are within budget.
3.11 Establishes goals for programs together with residents, staff, families and significant others with the Lead Residential Supervisor as appropriate, and evaluates annually
3.12 Provides quarterly and other reports to the Lead Residential Supervisor/Director of Support Services, and makes recommendations as required
3.13 Participates on staff and board committees as assigned
3.14 Attends management and supervisory meetings on a regular basis

3.15 Maintains all mandatory training requirements in a timely fashion, as well as a current security and medical checks
3.16 Performs administrative tasks as assigned by the Lead Residential Supervisor/Director of Support Services.

4. Professional Conduct

4.1 Promotes and demonstrate respect and value for the Jewish culture and religion, and the vision and mission statements of the agency, within the workplace and in the community
4.2 Demonstrates positive, respectful and professional relationships within the team, including staff, management, families, volunteers and the community
4.3 Manages the program environment to ensure it represents the spirit and operational principles of Tamir
4.4 Contributes to a positive work environment, by utilizing effective communication skills, conducting job functions with initiative, enthusiasm and sound judgement, and contributes to the team in an organized and productive manner.
4.5 Ensures that the Lead Residential Supervisor is informed of all incidents/crisis requiring immediate attention
4.6 Is punctual and dependable in the completion of assigned duties
4.7 Attends and actively participate in team meetings, eliciting and representing the needs of staff and the residents within the program
4.8 Pursues professional development opportunities, including internal training, as approved

Common Responsibilities:

• Working in a manner that preserves confidentiality.
• Incorporating and strengthening collaborative and interdisciplinary teamwork.
• Respecting and valuing the diversity of communities and individuals.
• Contributing to the organization’s activities to collect, analyze and report relevant information, and participate in research.
• Promoting awareness of and participation in organization’s activities.
• Contributing to the organization’s work by participating in meetings
• Working during both regular and extended hours.
• Contributing to the organization’s efforts to secure and maximize resources for current and new programs, services and activities.
• Participating in the organization’s efforts to enhance its capacity through staff development.

Other Responsibilities

This job description indicates the general nature and level of work expected. It is not an inclusive listing of all activities, but is designed to be used in combination with agency and program goals and work plans. Staff may be asked to perform other duties as required. To

ensure that Tamir is able to remain responsive to participants and program needs, job specifications may be changed or altered as required.


Staff may be required to perform any or all of the following duties in the course of their work:

1. Supervisors are responsible to be on call as per rotation schedule
2. Working with people emotional, psychological and physical behavioral challenges
3. A risk of exposure to communicable/contagious diseases
4. Lifting, move or transferring people who require mobility assistance
5. May be required to work alone and independently
6. Must be able to operate a vehicle
7. Evening and weekend shifts are required

• Valid Drivers License with good driving record
• Current CPR and First Aid Training
• Basic word processing skills (MS Word preferred)

• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Solid conflict resolution/crisis management skills
• Proven leadership and problem solving skills
• Initiative, flexibility and organizational skills
• Ability to manage multiple and conflicting priorities

Post Expires

Education Requirements
DSW, Degree in Social Services, Psychology, Sociology or related field

Employment Type
Full Time

Base Salary
$36.82 per hour

Job Benefits
Competitive benefits package, employee assistance program, paid time off, professional development opportunities, RRSP contribution